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Selecting Keywords for your Site

I was prompted to include this article on keywords today because we have just seen a significant increase in the arrival of searchers using '+' and specifically '+mp3'. As we have discussed before our visitor volume is driven off a large number of keywords from Google often over 100 per day with the detailed pattern constantly shifting but overall volumes pretty steady. Now read on:

Anyone who knows anything about how search engines work will
tell you that you need to choose the perfect keywords in order
to improve your search engine ranking. Yet, if you are
relatively new to the website creation scene, you may have very
little knowledge about what keywords are, what they do and how
they enhance search engine optimization (SEO). Nevertheless,
understanding what keywords are and how they work is critical
to your websites success and the amount of traffic you will
receive at your website. Let's take a look at what keywords are
and how to choose the right keywords to improve your SEO
techniques. In doing so, you will immediately be able to put
such knowledge to use and improve your page ranking in search

Keywords are used by search engines to determine whether or not
your web pages will address the needs of Internet users that are
conducting a search. The more keywords that are found on your
web pages, the more likely your webpage will be listed as a
response to a user's query. Yet, a webmaster must bear in mind
that not enough keywords on a webpage will have little to no
affect on a web pageÂ’s search engine ranking, while a web page
with too many keywords may also have little affect. Why? Quite
frankly, an obvious attempt to sway a search engines listing
actually reduces the quality factor of a web page and a search
engine will rate it lower than it would a web page that
contains quality information.

Therefore, choosing keywords is part of the website marketing
process: having the right keywords appear on a webpage will
result in increased traffic to your site. There are a number of
web resources that will help you determine what keywords are
frequently used, like keyword generators and the like, but the
problem with such tools is they do'’t necessarily identify the
right keywords that will ultimately draw traffic to your site.
Instead, you need to be choosy about what keywords you use.
First, you can go with the most popular keywords suggested, but
the most popular keywords do'’t always necessarily work in
drawing traffic to your site, nor do they always help you
improve your SEO and page ranking within major search engines.

First, you will want to try and use truly specific keywords
when generating keyword enriched web pages. Try not to be too
vast in your descriptions - if a keyword generates 20,000 pages
in a search engine, chances are your keyword enriched page
isn'’t going to make a huge difference in you web traffic. Yet,
if you are using keywords that few than a hundred sites use you
may find that your search engine ranking is increased because so
few sites use the specific keywords you have chosen. Obviously
then, it serves to tell you that one keyword enriched webpage
may not make a huge difference in your overall web traffic, but
several keyword enriched pages will. Just be sure to use
uniquely defined, themed keywords within your web pages and
watch your ranking improve in the major search engines.

Another unique way of selecting keywords can be found in
viewing similar websites to your own. Find out what other
webmasters are using to draw traffic to their website. How do
you do this? First, review many websites that are similar to
yours. Watch for repeated themes within websites - —do you see a
pattern? Take that pattern and use it to your advantage, using
a keyword generator determines which keywords are most unique
that fit the pattern that other websites are using. Next,
generate a few web pages that are keyword enriched with your
selected keywords. Conversely, if you are familiar with html,
you can view a webmasters source codes and see what Meta Tags
they are utilizing. Meta Tags reveal the keywords of a page and
can give you a good clue as to how the competition is
approaching the keyword enrichment process, if at all.

Whatever you do, when in the process of searching for keywords,
donÂ’t just throw your best guess out there and go with it.
Although it is possible that you may get lucky and actually
improve your website traffic and search engine ranking, it is
unlikely. Most keywords that are the product of a webmaster'’s
guess are far too broad to make any kind of difference in
search engine ranking or web traffic.

There are a lot of little tricks one can use to make the best
of the keyword enrichment process. You can write articles that
focus solely on the keywords you have selected or you can hire
freelance writers to do the work for you. You can make use of a
variety of free and subscription web tools to improve the type
of keywords you choose. Either way, once you have found the
right keywords you will immediately note an increase in your
web traffic - —an increase that undoubtedly accompanies your
improved search engine ranking - an improvement that is the
direct result of your improve SEO techniques.

About The Author: Daniel Smith writes about directory text

In my experience you need to focus on the relevant keywords with relatively few competitiors don't be lured in to the use of keywords where your site cannot fufil the expectations of visitors - that way leads to really high bounce rates and no extra business. But don't leave out the obvious highly competitive words because sometimes they will get picked up in combination with something you never expected.

..... now where are those ******* +'s coming from?

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