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The Mobile Update

Wow - good job it was a long weekend so that I could complete the Mobile website update. The software I have been using to design and build the site is not really geared up for even medium sized sites like this one and there is a lot of copy and pasting involved followed by quite a bit of correction especially of download links. On the other hand the graphic design functionality is brilliant and it has been a lot easier to produce a consistently high quality visual image. However the internet does provide some very prompt feedback and Android is now the pre-eminent operating system used by site visitors for the first time.  Some of the download file sizes may be a bit big for some mobile users and we might need to restore file sizes for the mobile version. There are undoubtedly outstanding issues to resolve but I'll get to those in due course. I have taken the opportunity to update some of the text but the basic structure of the site has been retained there is just a mobile