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This month has seen continuing progress with download volumes over 200 gigabits for the first time. Twitter analytics now provides data on the performance of individual tweets.  The links into site pages seem to be ineffective so I have replaced them with repeats of Download2MP3 to see if I can boost the search levels on the brand. Android is the second most poular visitor operating system.  The site redesign with a mobile variant is progressing well but Google's 21st April deadline may be missed because it is more important to get all the details right than miss a bit of traffic. Responses to donation requests are now being forwarded directly to my Rotary club donate page for online processing but no noticeable change yet. An example of the need to get things right - in the website redesign process I noticed that I had overlooked the Rachmaninoff page which has some beautiful new arrangements. As there were no links to it there had been no visits or downloads but a new tw

Let the Tweets continue

The Twitter campaign continues to generate a similar level of traffic. I have moved away from the use of the YouTube videos to direct links to MP3 files on the site.  It appears that there is a relatively modest level of direct click through to these files but that the level of Google searches for the pieces or the composers responds. I was concerned that daily repetition would result in diminishing returns but the modest level of variation of time of day and #tags used has been sufficient to  keep it going. More recently there has also been some gratifying re-tweet and favourite activity. Evidence of the significance of Mobile devices in the user base has continued to mount and so I have embarked on the upgrade to a mobile compatible site. No small task as it goes but substantial progress has been made in recent weeks. The geographical source of our users has also shifted with India ousting the USA from the top slot which is followed by Indonesia and Egypt. I am also plannin