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Review of the year

It has, as they say, been a busy year. The mobile site update has had a huge impact on site operations with nearly half our traffic going down that route now. I took the opportunity at that time to make the donation link to my Rotary Club site simpler and more direct but that has had no noticeable impact except for a few more visits to the Trust Fund page on that site. The remaining Beethoven symphonies were the big arrangement achievement of the year but in the event the Bagatelles, the Moonlight sonata and the Emperor concerto received as many downloads. Beethoven took the top 46 download slots in the last four months and when Google celebrated his anniversary on their search page we had the biggest spike ever - from India and Indonesia to the Beethoven page. But, nothing daunted, to round the year out I have arranged some more ragtime and added some early blues for the first time. I am particularly pleased with the Jelly Roll Morton page which includes some material which I