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Roller coaster month

The Google Panda impact is slowing down but we have now had 350 keywords on the first page during the month. In the last week at the margin things are falling back a little but the proportion of direct access it now much higher. Concurrently with these Google developemnts we have been running a Twitter campaign using our You Tube videos and direct links to download and play (subject to browser settings) selected MP3s. I  have been going up a steep learning curve in the music related hash tag landscape with opportunites to be overlooked on a never seen hash tag or to drowing in an overwhelming stream. So it is a bit hard to disentangle what is causing what and the volume of direct accesses is a bit confusing. It is gratifying to see that more of the content of the site is being seen and even more so heard. The download volume this month is almost 90 Gigabits spread over more than 300 of our 500 tracks.This is probably 10 times the previous long run rate so I'm getting some val