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Error checking almost complete

Adding 93 new produsts to the website is no mean task - not least the complex of files and code that deliver the streamed samples. There are still a couple of outstanding issues on this front but we should be able to resolve them soon. The remaining task is to individualise the catalog products for each product - this is not critical to the operational performance of the site but hopefully will encourage more sales and improve our Google rankings. The development of the Face book page is also proving a bit of a challenge but I am concentrating on the website at this stage.

Major Launch - Gamelan Ragtime

Native Instruments launched the Balinese Gamelan Orchestra last year and I juast couldn't resist. It took a while to develop a suitable ensemble arrangement for ragtime music but once we had found it there was much pleaure in it's repeated application. Essentially the three main componenbts are arranged on the right hand part and separated on the stereo map with the highest frequency on the outside and the more mellow tones near the centre. The marimbas varied rather more depending on the piece but many of them emplyed a version which runs short seqences for each note - producing a rippling effect in the left hand to add interest and body to the arrangements and improve the balance. In many tracks - particularly the Rags and the Marches a base drum was added to the centre of the mix. This has been great fun to produce. We tried to contact John Cowell who produced most of the midi recordings on which these were based but none of the email addresses produced any response.

New Simple Price Structure

We have tried a price per duration structure for the last year or so and it hasn't made any difference so now we have gone for simplicity. The Low Value Order Premium has gone for good. A 50% discount now aplies to all orders for two or more tracks. All tracks are now priced at $1.00. So the minimum order value is now slightly higher for a single short piece but multiple orders at Download2MP3 are even better value than before.