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OS Commerce Update

After mulling it over for a while I have decided to tackle the Big Update. Yes that's the complete shop overhaul! OS Commerce has come up with an 3.0 alpha version with a more controllable template CSS and all that and I don't need the outstanding items flagged for later releases. This time I am going to integrate the shop with the rest of the site whilst retaining the existing URLs and take the opportunity to update the overall appearance: colour scheme, Menus - the works. I'm even going to replace the database to remove any wrinkles that may have crept in. As far as I can see I just need to rent a second database and set up a development area in my existing web space to be able to develop and test as I go along. Then I should be able to change over quickly and easily. Never the less I expect this will take quite some time and if I hit anything interesting I'll do more posts. Other wise it has been a quiet summer again while the students are on their holidays.