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Showing posts from September, 2007

SERPs Churn dies down again

Just a quick comment to note that the churn of SERPs on Google has died down again after the longest period of high activity I have seen since I started to use the Rank Pulse site. RankPulse Graph This is obviously their copyright material but I don't suppose they will mind us giving them a plug. Oddly the most active chart today is for the letter 'i' but 'mattress' illustrates the recent turmoil more vividly. We seem to have once again bubbled up slowly across the piece. Now that the new office is set up we will have to do some more work on the site and the ads some of which are doing well while others have failed to perform at all.

Google Flux Continues

The exceptionally high level of flux in the Google search results has now continued for two weeks - twice as long as previous episodes. This suggests that Google are testing significant refinements of elements of their algorithm in the continuing campaign against Spam. This doesn't appear to be a problem in our area these days and although we are seeing fluctuations in SERPs, visitor numbers continue at high levels. Meanwhile inappropriate comments have been added to this blog so we have hidden them all. Disappointingly comments have never played a significant role here so in some ways this is not much of a loss but it is irritating to have to respond like this. We will investigate the prospects for moderated comments in due course.

Google SERPs Change Surge

Rankpulse has again registered a significant surge in SERPs change on Google - much too early to say what that may mean for us. We have been quiet for a while because we are moving premises - a new studio/office is being delivered today. We have moved out of Greater London to the sunny uplands of the North Downs - let's see what this does for our creativity. August was a quieter month as usual but the students are coming back and so should our visitor numbers.