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Summer months

During the summer visitor volumes on this site usually decline - a phenomena I have put down to the holidays of college students around the world. This year has been a bit different - the Google searches did decline much as expected but the Twitter campaign carried on regardless and so we continued to download around 200 gig a month. But better than that the daily visits sometimes exceeded 1000 rather than the usual 600 presumably in response to new tweets, new images and variations in the patterns repetition. There are now 112 unique tweets on a seven day cycle and all the YouTube tweets have been replaced. But a few larger daily peaks have been prompted by particularly powerful re-tweets. But my efforts to solicit donations for My Rotary Club's Charitable Trust Fund have been a miserable failure. Nothing daunted I have revamped the donation landing page on my Rotary Club website and I have added a Donate tab to the top navigation bar and I'll start monitoring the traf