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We've moved

But you would not have noticed, so smooth was the transition. We have been with the same ISP, on the same platform since the site was launched. It had gone through a few changes of ownership but service continuity was maintained until September. The first symptom of incipient obsolescence was the stats package failure. The process of authorizing the move was protracted but the actual transition was extraordinarily smooth. FTPing the files across took a while but was invisible to users. The net effect seems to have been positive in terms of usage - latest peak download in one day 30 gigabits.

Thanks Google

Just the occasional update here these days. It looks like we were one of the winners in the latest refinement to the Google search results algorithm and our average position went up a percent. We now get about 60 % of our traffic from phones so it was worth all that effort of setting up mobile optimized pages. Our bounce rate is down substantially from historical levels although it is still higher than one would like. Our click through rates varies enormously depending on the search term used as well as our position on the results page so it is all rather really tricky to interpret. However it does seem clear that most searchers only find out about our interpretation of the piece once they get to our site. We are still big in India and Indonesia, home of the gamalan and Beethoven outperforms everything else. Working on some new recordings when time permits so there will be some updates latter this year.