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Twitter campaign response

We have now completed three months of the daily tweeting campaign and the response is very strong and very clear. This month we will download 170 gigabyte of music. In the last week every single one of our recordings was downloaded at least once which has definitely never happened before. We have moved the emphasis away from You Tube based tweets to a mainly download link basis not least because the number of You Tube downloads has been relatively modest. We have also seen some of the more recent tweets Favorited. It is difficult to interpret the organic search results along side the Twitter campaign but we seem to have gained a sustained benefit from the last major algorithm update and this has plateaued now. They now represent nearly a third of the visits to the site rather than ninety percent prior to the Twitter campaign. For the first time the largest geographical source of the Google traffic is India followed by the USA, Egypt, Indonesia and the UK. But it looks as if the