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Settling down again

May has seen download volumes of over 200 Gigabits again. It looks as if much of this is in direct response to the tweets although Twitter Analytics doesn't seem to record them as link clicks.  The geographical focus for the site has moved to South East Asia and so I try to time the tweets for early morning here late afternoon / early evening there - not so good for the USA. Some of the re-tweets have produced dramatic i.e. 10 fold daily peaks in impressions. Meanwhile the volume of searches has shown some dramatic surges which are probably linked in some way I have yet to discern. All in all the Twitter campaign is continuing to perform well it is spreading awareness of the less frequently visited corners of the site while booting popularity of the favorites like Beethoven's Symphonies and the Can Can. So we will continue to refine and develop the content and be led by the audience response. My Rotary Club has also received it's first donation from the site so pe

Getting the wrinkles out

It takes a little while for every new version of my website to settle down and this was no exception. The software I use these days is very good at handling the graphical presentation of the site but maintaining the links to the content has been more of a knife and fork job i including the use of FTP to get the files in the right folders. So apologies for those 404 errors. There were also a few Mobile errors which Google picked up and I have fixed almost all of those which is handy because according to Google Analytics about 45% of my traffic now comes from mobile devices. The tweeting campaign has actually benefited from Twitter's removal of the edit and re-tweet option as it forced me to organise them in a Word document for the daily cut and paste. As you would expect from repetitive tweeting there is a steady modest response to each tweet presumably from occasional visitors to the various #tag streams I address but occasionally a re-tweet or favourite response will send