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That little production cycle has taken quite a while. We were a bit rusty to be sure but there must be a better way - perhaps a check list would do it. Looking back we got the music production and recording set up working on the 17th July - so it took just over three weeks from then to the press release. Not too bad by industry standards I suppose. However we are going to take a pause now - a bit of a sabbatical even. This blog will be off the air until November unless something dramatic happens while we are on our travels. We're taking the lap top so that site maintenance and customer service will be sustained albeit slightly less responsively than normal because we will be out or range of the Internet for some parts of the trip. I considered regaling you with travel blog episodes but that didn't seem fair so we'll go quiet for a little while. Au revoir!

Press Release

Yes - at last we have resolved the remaining snags and are ready with the long promised Press Release for our More Bach Collection: New World Instrumental Recordings of JS Bach Released. The latest additions to the Online Percussion MP3 Source have just been released. Original arrangements of famous pieces selected from the enormous output of JS Bach have been specially arranged and recorded in HiFi MP3 format for sale exclusively online - a Bach's Dozen freshly baked . In several of these recordings the Steel Drums and Marimbas are supplement by new Synthesizer sounds to give added depth to the novel percussion interpretations of these pieces. Highlights of this collection include: The incomparable Air on a G string - reinterpreted on Marimba and Steel Drums; An amusing Choral Prelude with "humorous" Brass effects; All three movements of the A minor Steel Drums (formerly Flute) Concerto - introducing the Log Marimba on Basso Continuo; A brilliant

August Google Update - a Modest Affair

After some of the tidal waves it looks as if the August update on Google was a modest affair if we can rely on Rank Pulses results. Never the less the recovery in our visitor numbers continues so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I'd forgotten how much work was involved in setting up new products on our site. We just have a little more code to cut and paste, a couple of images to generate and some supporting text to generate and we'll be away. A very intrepid customer could actually buy them and download them now but I don't think there is much risk of that. Then there is the exciting task of generating the Press Release!

Visitor Numbers picking up again

It looks like we have turned a bit of a corner but not yet returned to our former glories - so far so good. More progress with the new products yesterday - the new sample pages are almost complete and the products are registered on Bit Pass. Now we just have to register them in the Volume discount store and then tidy up the More Bach page text. On with the motley!