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Showing posts from July, 2011

Grenwich Witch - New Video

Here is the first video featuring a clip from Grenwich Whitch - one of our Ragtime Novelty tunes which have been arranged on Gamelan and Marimba: Find links to the rest on our ragtime novelties page. There is clearly an opportunity to completely change the way our 300 clips are delivered but that is going to take some time. Our site has now been Panda'd but there is lttle evidence of changes to the page rankings so I'm wondering where the traffic has gone - let's hope added video helps with both human and robotic visitors appreciation of our site.

Billikin goes to You Tube

Here is my first You Tube upload I hope to be able to publish a reasonable number of clips in this way as a new avenue for promoting the business and as a way of adding video to the site.