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The Beethoven Symphony Recordings have been completed.

Thanks to the half term holiday I have managed to complete the MP3 recordings of the remaining seven Beethoven Symphonies with a few other pieces thrown in for good measure. My source MIDI files, mostly dated 1998, generally sttod up well but there were some issues with the Pastorale and I had to source some newer material where the copyright had still not been claimed. This whole enterprise still feels like outrageous hubris but I can't argue with the taste of my website visitors who consistently download my Beethoven recordings in much higher volumes than anything else. I'll be interested to see if there are any reactions to the final movement of the ninth Symphony where I have used a solo and a chorus of synthetic voices for the four parts. If nothing else it points up the way Beethoven sought to weave the voices in as yet another group of instruments in the structure of the movement. I will publish them in the next few days.