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Now it is five Rankpulse Google SERPs spikes in a week!

This kind of churn really is unprecedented - but still no comment on the forum. Here is a chart from of the top ten positions for ten sites up to yesterday: The blur over the last few days illustrates what is happening to the relative positions of these sites in the Google Search Engine Results Positions (SERPS). While the top two sites have managed to stay above the fray everyone else has been engulfed. And that is just how we feel at the moment - well and truly engulfed! But you can also see that former number 1's have disappeared completely from the top ten chart but that the recent movement mostly revolves around sites that have been there or there abouts in recent time.

Third Spike on Saturday

It's a very unsual Google update that has just passed by without any comment that I've seen on the forum. Major spikes have been recorded on RankPulse's measure of Google SERP's change on three days with one quiet day between them is I believe unprecedented. With so many differnt keyword contributing to our visitor numbers it is impossible for us to discern any significant imapcts in the short term. Overall it looks as if May will pull us back to our January visitor levels but of course our shop is working properly now so we may see a bit more business out of it. The number of people who come to listen to a short sample of our version of Widor's famous Toccatta without purchasing the whole thing is quite extraordinary.

Google Update History

Yes some confirmation of the RankPulse observation here google-update-history-136975 in the SEO forum and a nostalgic wander down memory lane for veteran SEO enthusiasts. That was followed by a second RankPulse spike yesterday - even higher than the first one - Google rolls on! It is not too surprising that there would be a delay beause of the time it takes for changes to be propogated throughout Google's network of data centers.

Another Google SERPs Upheaval?

RankPulse has published its highest spike for 6 months showing a one day churn of 15% of the SERPs on the first page from the sample of 1000 keywords which it monitors. On a normal day we expect to see around 4% churn. But there is no comment on the optimiser bulletin board yet. In theory this shouldn't happen any more because of the constant re-indexing which Google undertakes and it is possible that it is the one or two datacenters that RankPulse connect with catching up. But the previous days data look reasonably normal so that seems unlikely. It is a bit hard to see if there are any impacts on us at this stage because Analytics seems to be a little slow in completing all of yesterday's results - but nothing too disasterous so far. We have been trying to interpret the results of the changes we made some weeks ago in terms of re-focusing on some keyword targets and trying to reduce the bounce levels on some of our worst pages. There certainly have been some improveme

Many Keywords Few Conversions

After the recent refurbishment of our keyword focus - there has been more purchase activity which naturally sparked our curiosity. Delving into the Analytics tables we were able to find that there is a very small number of keywords out of the 2.2K words that have been used to reach us in the last month which prompted purchase. Most of those are for specific pieces, one for a specific piece instrument combination! But the largest is the oddest 'mp3,itunes' because it leads to a page which has been notably unproductive with a very high bounce rate. Perhaps it is a fluke but if not more focus may be called for to secure our position. We may also have a look at some more instrument piece combinations.