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Clip Player Launched

With the advent of video clips served by YouTube like this Buck Due Rag: I have had to review and modify the way selections of samples are offered from various pages on the site. Mostly I had switched off the automatic player to avoid the risk of intereference. The controls on the player are wquite small and I suspect that visitors would not know how to stop it. Eventually I had the idea of creating a separate clip player page - it's small so I made it a pop-up and now I've put it behind an image in the side bar. I am hoping that this will give me better visibiliuty of the usage and I will be able to experiment with the playlist and monitor the results more easily. You can get it here. This has already dramatically reduced daily bandwidth consumption and set me thinking about my hosting arrangements and I realise that I have not been keeping up with developments here. More on this later.