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Website Health Check

We find that the sharpest prod to check out website performance issues is the visitor behavior analysis we get from Hitslink. We have been pretty successful in getting composer page visitors to listen to a sample but the sample page visitors are proving much more difficult to influence - we're still working on it but in the mean time here is an article by Tom Bishop on the subject:

Is Your Web Site Functioning to Its Optimum Capacity?

Define your goals for your website before you actually set
about the task of designing a website. Know your intentions
before you begin the construction and also be aware of the
areas you feel you may be strong, and weak in. A game plan
is always a wise thing to have right off the bat.

Peak efficiency of your site is a priority so take a
baseline measurement. In other words, are you attracting
visitors to your site or not? Watch in particular a given
month where there was no special events or promotional deals
going on at your site. Those ordinary, run of the mill
months are a more accurate indicator of what is taking
place. Keep a close eye on what is happening at your site,
at all times. Even if it is something very minor, you need
to know about it.

But what do you want individuals to do while they are
visiting your site? Read your stories, buy your products,
admire your artwork, sign your guest book? What? You have to
know ahead of time. Visitors who do what your site intends
when they are at it comprise a figure called the site
conversion rate.

To use an example to illustrate the point succinctly, if
your site registered 2,000 hits but a minimum of only 25
people bought something then your site conversion rate is
1.25%. This is come to by dividing the number of individuals
visiting by the number of visitors who also were kind enough
to purchase your merchandise. But it doesn't end there.
There is much more to discuss. Divide this figure by 100 and
that shows what is currently taking place at your site.

Your sales conversion rate is self-explanatory but differs
in comparison to the above-mentioned, site conversion rate.
Are you succeeding or failing in coaxing visitors to buy
what you have to offer? Whether you should be smiling or
frowning these rates should make it obvious to you. And once
you know what is happening you can plan your next strategic

Search engine optimization can rescue a drowning website. It
can throw a much needed rope and life jacket to a website by
targeting the audience you wish to see at your site and
bring in more would-be customers. Never downplay the
significance of search engines in ensuring the success of
your site. You need optimization to take place! Some people
find search engine optimization time consuming and a hassle
so they hire a company designed for this purpose to do it
for them. That is fine. Whatever works best for you.

Are the buttons on your site easy to find and make use of?
Is your ordering page simple to read or is it cluttered and
bogged down with too much information? If you want people to
visit and even better, buy, accommodate them in every way
you can. Go the extra mile.

There are professional trained to know everything there is
to know about website performance. Don't be afraid to admit
you need help. We all do on occasion. Seek the assistance
you need and then watch your profits steadily climb!

Written by Tom Bishop of Web Traffic Blaze. Your
source for highly qualified low cost internet leads. Full
details here:

Observations on Katerina impact later....

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