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We haven't re- published other people's material here before but I found the following article interesting and decided to share it with others interested in distributing large files over this infrastructure:

Global Network Traffic on the Internet and You

The fact that the Internet is also called the World Wide
Web is well-known to all Internet users. People readily
accept the fact that they can easily access web sites not
only across the United States but around the world as well.
While the average user may not understand how the Internet
works, the average user is constantly looking for speedy
access to information. How quickly information flows
becomes important. If you picture the Internet as a
highway, the flow of traffic is smoother and faster when
there is less traffic on the highway. At peak rush hour,
the highway is slower with the volume of traffic and an
accident at any time of day can bring traffic on the
highway to a halt.

Applying this principle to the Internet helps you understand
how traffic flows around the WWW affect your travel speed.
Heavy traffic will slow down the system~s response. Also,
heavy traffic will cause delays along the path to your web
site destination. Naturally, equipment malfunctions along
your travel route will slow your website uptake and maybe
even send you along an alternative path toward your final
destination. Granted, these slower uptakes or detours may
be only short intervals of time ~ a fraction of a second.
However, when you add up these short periods of time over
great distances, you are looking at costly delays,
especially in the business world that depends on the
Internet for a big part of their revenue.

Internet service providers and businesses that are dependent
on the speed of the Internet keep a watchful eye on the
traffic conditions and current speed of the Internet.
One place where anyone can view the latest trends in
Internet speed and reliability as they are occurring in
real-time is at the Internet site The information available
on the site is updated every five minutes.

Do traffic reports really let you know what~s going on
around the global Internet highway? At Internet Traffic
Report~s website, you~ll find the tracking speeds in Europe,
Australia, Asia, North America and South America. Africa~s
tracking speeds are not recorded since the continent doesn~t
have enough routers to accurately report a message~s speed
and route as it goes from a sender to a receiver, which is
how a meaningful traffic value is calculated. Each
continent in this report uses a traffic index that goes from
0 (which is the lowest rating) to 100 (which is the fastest
rating). This site also reports the average response time,
by fractions of a second, for test messages that the site
routinely sends out into the Internet. When you~re tempted
to start complaining about your slow Internet speed, check
out the site for response time in North America. North
America~s response time is on average double the fastness of
South America, Europe and Australia~s speed. Also, North
America~s traffic speed is triple the quickness of Asia~s.

A quick trip to this site will reinforce the fact that the
World Wide Web is succeeding in its mission to unify the
world and link people to each other across all the
continents. For the developed nations of the world, this
service is quick and reliable.

Copyright 2005 Riki Trafford. All rights reserved.
Riki Trafford is the webmaster and operator of RC
Marketing Inc
which offers low cost keyword-targetted web traffic.
For comments and questions visit his archive of articles:

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