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Building New Shop Content

Most of the presentation issues for the new shop front were resolved last week - just a few images and alignments left but nothing too serious.

We now move on to building the content - in many respects this will be a rebuild of our BitPass data plus the current product detail from the existing pages. We will build a copy in the osCommerce database so that we can serve those pages on the fly and manage purchases and fulfillment with Credit Cards and PayPal. Apart from anything else this should improve the resilience of our site while offering additional customer choice.

We have yet to define our search engine spider policy for these pages - a preventative measure is promised by osCommerce but it hasn't arrive yet as far as I know. The problem is that some search engines accumulate copies of PHP script pages based on the unique session id generated by that visit - I think it is their problem but it makes data on linked pages almost impossible to interpret and could appear unprofessional to the untutored eye.

Hers is a LoFi streaming sample from our steel drum arrangement of Domenico Scarlatti's Sonata K016 for the Harpsichord - enjoy.

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Big Thank You

Here's a big thank you to our latest generous donors Brown and Bartholomew.

It is lovely to get the daily likes on Twitter, the listings and the occasional re-tweets but there's nothing like the approbation signified by cash.

Our Rotary club works hard to raise the funds we disburse to local and international charities and the donations from this website go directly to those funds. We make sure that the projects we support reflect genuine need and are professionally managed. The site comprises recordings made over more than 15 years of a variety of styles illustrating what can be done with percussion supported by the occasional Ocarina and harp.

The site continues to thrive with our renditions of Beethoven's work reflecting the popularity of that composer but one of our early recordings has just broken through to the top of the downloads - the famous Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor on Mega Moog and steel drums.

I have long felt that our Bach recordings don't get the…

Bach's back

Bach is now more fully represented in the dialy Twitter campaign and there are some indications that his posion has been strengthened.

The volume of impressions on Beethoven keywords means that he is still very dominant and some of the Bach activity is much more variable from day to day both interms of impressions and click through rates.

Twitter have been messing about with the way pictures are treated and that has caused some rework on the saved tweets but it is more or less sorted now.

This activity has increased the number of saved tweets somewhat so the repetitions are less frequent.

Chopin - Dances with drums and harps

Chopin is one of the most popular classical composer on the internet and there are quite a number of good quality anonymous MIDI sequences available.

These tracks were all sequenced with a combination of steel drums and harps of various kinds and in a couple of cases a Moog bass synthesizer was added to round out the mix. Dance music of this kind fits well with this percussive instrumentation. I had come across the benefits of the combination with the harp while following in Emerson Lake and Palmer's footsteps and putting new instrumentation on Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. When you thinkabout how the piano is constructed it makes a certain kind of sense.

Several different harps were used including the celtic harp which is a particularly effective emulation - quite different from the harp sounds that were available from my Roland or other software synths. The dances selected have a strong rythmic element which make them much more suitable for this treatment t…