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Building Links

In the beginning Google was started by people who thought that the more links that were made to a site the more it was a respected source. Before too long those of us who try to optimize our so called organic search engine positions tried to maximize the links to their sites. Some people took this to extremes and so began the war of measure and counter measure between Google and the webmasters. The Google search results are probably better than ever but their selection of sites with links to have become exccentric to say the least. In the meantime Yahoo and MSN tried to catch up and emulate the quality of Google's search results but they were always well behind the ball.

One of the purposes of this blog is to persuade the Google system that this is an active site which is constantly updated and a relevant and authoritative source in its chosen field of endeavor. Ironically these blog pages are not to be found in the google index and certainly not on the pages with links to . By contrast several of these pages are featured in Yahoo as are most of the archive files. We don't appear in MSN's pages - they exhibit a strong preference for directory pages and so copies of our DMOZ entry appear with substantial frequency. The most extreme is Alta Vista who list all our stream sample pages as well as blog pages and directory copies - they appear to act as a feeder source to Yahoo who select the pages they will include. Copies of our press releases are also often found on these links to pages.

After all that Google still provide most of our searching visitors.

Today's streaming sample is from our percussion arrangement of Franz Schubert's Impromptu No 3 - enjoy

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Bach's back

Bach is now more fully represented in the dialy Twitter campaign and there are some indications that his posion has been strengthened.

The volume of impressions on Beethoven keywords means that he is still very dominant and some of the Bach activity is much more variable from day to day both interms of impressions and click through rates.

Twitter have been messing about with the way pictures are treated and that has caused some rework on the saved tweets but it is more or less sorted now.

This activity has increased the number of saved tweets somewhat so the repetitions are less frequent.

Thanks Google

Just the occasional update here these days.

It looks like we were one of the winners in the latest refinement to the Google search results algorithm and our average position went up a percent.

We now get about 60 % of our traffic from phones so it was worth all that effort of setting up mobile optimized pages.

Our bounce rate is down substantially from historical levels although it is still higher than one would like.

Our click through rates varies enormously depending on the search term used as well as our position on the results page so it is all rather really tricky to interpret.

However it does seem clear that most searchers only find out about our interpretation of the piece once they get to our site.

We are still big in India and Indonesia, home of the gamalan and Beethoven outperforms everything else.

Working on some new recordings when time permits so there will be some updates latter this year.

MP3 Downloads Analysis brings Twitter surprise

Following up on yesterday's blog - I have done a little anaysis on the MP3 downloads  to date in May.

As expected Beethoven comes out head and shoulders above every one else at around 50K full and partial downloads - i.e over 25% of the total.

Mozart comes in a strong second at 23K and is followed by Bach at nearly 7K. Debussy just about managed 1K and every other composer was less than that.

Amongst the Ragtime Composers Scott Joplin did best at 852 but was beaten by the gamelan rag collection at just over 1K.

Selections generally did very poorly with the exception of the Marimba selection which came in at 331 MP3 downloads.

But the surprise result from this exercise was the observation that the pieces featured on our 16 daily tweets did much better than their fellows whethe they were classical or not. Roughly roughly it looks as if each tweeted MP3 is downloaded about 25 time so that is a lotal of 400 per day or 10K per month or 5% of the total. This is a very different picture …