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Getting Started

After twenty years or so of playing around with music on computers I have launched into the publication game with .

Right from the start the Acorn BBC B computer had midi connectivity and very simple sequencer software began to appear. Keyboards and even a drum machien were added following the upgrade to an A2000 and an interface card that enabled multiple midi connections. A little while latter a trip to (Tin Pan Alley) Denmark Street saw me carry away a Roland SC-155 synthesizer and things began to get more serious.

A trip to New Orleans took me into a music shop on the same street where Jelly Roll Morton used to play - a book of Library of Congress transcriptions of his compositons came home with me. The labourious MIDI encoding which ensued was rewarded by some quite decent piano sounds and then jazz band arrangements. CDs of his original recordings started to appear and I was impressed by the similaries with my efforts.

Before embarking on the next piece I decided to check whether anyone else had already done it by searching the internet which I had recently aquired access to. Search facilites were relatively primitive then but I found enough to encourage me to continue searching for MIDI files - building a collection and then making it available to download from my website. There were obviously some copyright risks and I empasised the personal use limitations which some of the sequencers associated with their work. After an approach by a copyright agent I took all the pop music off the site and carried on until my ISP inexplicably took the site off the air.

Things were left like that until earlier this year I started to read about the VST emulations of famous synthesizers and the Hammond organ of my youth. After another trip to Tin Pan Alley I came away with a Moog Modular V5 emulation and started re-arranging all my Emerson Lake and Palmer files.

Download2MP3 was born from the observation that computers are best their best with percussive music, a chance discovery of a really impressive steel drum emulation and a desire not to infringe anyone's copyright.

This blog will track my progress and hopefully provide an opportunity to interact with other music producers and listeners.

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New Music

It is time we changed our tack and came up with some new recordings perhaps in a slightly different style to see if we can generate interest that way.

The main obstacle at the moment is our kit. The software for our sophisticated Creamware sound card is not working properly with our Cubase sequencing and recording application. Specifically this means restricted access to final mastering functionality as we put the mixes to bed.

On the instrumentation front we have some new presets for the Moog that we'd like to try - provided they don't pull the processor over and we have some Symphonic movements on the stocks that could be fun.

So this calls for another attempt to get a response from their support organisation.

In the meantime the weather here in London is sunny and warm at last, our broadband reasonably steady and the visitors are coming into the site in reasonable numbers but that's as far as it goes.

Time for the new weekly composer now - Saint Saens I think.

Visitor Volumes down - not sure why

Yes the puzzle continues. We know that there has been a significant Google update but the impact on our SERPs has generally not been too significant - the usual crop of ups and downs spiced up by the odd disappearance. But the last couple of days have been 25% down on the previous working day run rate. Remember - don't panic over a couple of day's figures!

So we are going to have a long weekend - back next Wednesday (for our small faithful band of regular readers). This trip will be a test of some technology we are planning to take on a much longer excursion later in the year - so we may improve on that if we find Wifi hotspots in North Wales.

If you are one of that faithful band it would be fascinating to hear from you.

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Communicate with Visitors

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