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Beethoven remixed

At first glance Beethoven's work did not look likely to provide much in the way of useful material for this site because much of the MIDI sequencing has focussed on heroic attempts at the Symphonies or piano sonatas.

But to my surprise the Bagatelles proved to be quite entertaining and it is becoming evident that keyboard works will be a particularly productive in providing adaptable pieces where new instrumentation can generate interest and exitement. Here it proved possible to incorporate the synthesised Marimba from the Moog and together with the steel drums to produce an all round Carabbian feel to the sound. (I am right up against my system's processing capacity here because this marimba sustains dying notes for a long time and the volume of calculations build up fast in complicated pieces.)

The real surprises however, were the marches. More percussion instruments were introduced including bells, glockenspeil, vibes and for the Turkish the Hammond organ with one of its more percussive settings. The overall effect is less new world but they are still evocative and fresh.

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Visitor Volumes down - not sure why

Yes the puzzle continues. We know that there has been a significant Google update but the impact on our SERPs has generally not been too significant - the usual crop of ups and downs spiced up by the odd disappearance. But the last couple of days have been 25% down on the previous working day run rate. Remember - don't panic over a couple of day's figures!

So we are going to have a long weekend - back next Wednesday (for our small faithful band of regular readers). This trip will be a test of some technology we are planning to take on a much longer excursion later in the year - so we may improve on that if we find Wifi hotspots in North Wales.

If you are one of that faithful band it would be fascinating to hear from you.

This daily exercise in one way communication gives focus to my morning review of yesterday's data but the complete absence of response is a bit weird. I have to say it is matched by the lack of response on the SEO board where I have zero credibility and m…

Bach's back

Bach is now more fully represented in the dialy Twitter campaign and there are some indications that his posion has been strengthened.

The volume of impressions on Beethoven keywords means that he is still very dominant and some of the Bach activity is much more variable from day to day both interms of impressions and click through rates.

Twitter have been messing about with the way pictures are treated and that has caused some rework on the saved tweets but it is more or less sorted now.

This activity has increased the number of saved tweets somewhat so the repetitions are less frequent.

Thanks Google

Just the occasional update here these days.

It looks like we were one of the winners in the latest refinement to the Google search results algorithm and our average position went up a percent.

We now get about 60 % of our traffic from phones so it was worth all that effort of setting up mobile optimized pages.

Our bounce rate is down substantially from historical levels although it is still higher than one would like.

Our click through rates varies enormously depending on the search term used as well as our position on the results page so it is all rather really tricky to interpret.

However it does seem clear that most searchers only find out about our interpretation of the piece once they get to our site.

We are still big in India and Indonesia, home of the gamalan and Beethoven outperforms everything else.

Working on some new recordings when time permits so there will be some updates latter this year.