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Google Update History

Yes some confirmation of the RankPulse observation here google-update-history-136975 in the SEO forum and a nostalgic wander down memory lane for veteran SEO enthusiasts.

That was followed by a second RankPulse spike yesterday - even higher than the first one - Google rolls on!

It is not too surprising that there would be a delay beause of the time it takes for changes to be propogated throughout Google's network of data centers.

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MP3 Downloads Analysis brings Twitter surprise

Following up on yesterday's blog - I have done a little anaysis on the MP3 downloads  to date in May.

As expected Beethoven comes out head and shoulders above every one else at around 50K full and partial downloads - i.e over 25% of the total.

Mozart comes in a strong second at 23K and is followed by Bach at nearly 7K. Debussy just about managed 1K and every other composer was less than that.

Amongst the Ragtime Composers Scott Joplin did best at 852 but was beaten by the gamelan rag collection at just over 1K.

Selections generally did very poorly with the exception of the Marimba selection which came in at 331 MP3 downloads.

But the surprise result from this exercise was the observation that the pieces featured on our 16 daily tweets did much better than their fellows whethe they were classical or not. Roughly roughly it looks as if each tweeted MP3 is downloaded about 25 time so that is a lotal of 400 per day or 10K per month or 5% of the total. This is a very different picture …

Adding Scripts to Your Site

Now that our new Dreamweaver Template based pages are almost ready to launch we can start to look at how best to exploit the facility for change and experiment that they offer. One of the options is the use of scripts to provide more interaction and possibly automated update. So here are some ideas:

For new webmasters, adding third-party software and scripting to
a website can be a really scary proposition. I remember when I
put my first scripts on my own website. Even with my basic DOS
programming experience in high school, I was still intimidated by
the whole process. I was so sure that I was going to screw
something up.
The very first script I ever installed on my website
was a Graphical Counter from
( I ended up
spending five days playing with the script to get it to display
just the way I wanted it displayed.
The second script I ever installed was a Recommend This Page
To A Friend script, also from

Bach's back

Bach is now more fully represented in the dialy Twitter campaign and there are some indications that his posion has been strengthened.

The volume of impressions on Beethoven keywords means that he is still very dominant and some of the Bach activity is much more variable from day to day both interms of impressions and click through rates.

Twitter have been messing about with the way pictures are treated and that has caused some rework on the saved tweets but it is more or less sorted now.

This activity has increased the number of saved tweets somewhat so the repetitions are less frequent.