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New technology, New Ring Tones

I thought it was about time we said a few words about Ringtones and then this article came along:

Who ever invented the ring tone is probably sitting on a
beach, drinking something with a little umbrella in it and
will never have to worry about paying the bill again. Most
of us know that ring tones are the sound our cell phones
make to alert us of an incoming call. It was first just a
tool used so one person could distinguish one cell phone
ring from another, however, now you can make your cell
phone make any kind of noise you can think of, from the
voice of a favorite band or singer to everyday sounds of
street traffic to barn animals.

Some ring tones make a nice sound and don't annoy the ones
around them. Other sounds are just down right annoying and
rude and those are the ones that are usually the loudest
and can be heard from blocks away.

Birds too have picked up on ring tone music too and a
German study has found that many wild birds are excellent
mimics. Starlings, Blue Jays and Jackdaw' are especially
good with ring tone tunes.

If you want a different ring tone for your cell phone all
you need to do is go to a website that caters to down
loading ring tones to cell phones. Find a website and
choose the kind of ring tone you want for your phone. Some
sites give up their ring tones freely, while others charge
a fee for their ring tones.

Once you have chosen a ring tone, you will probably need to
contact that websites administrators and give them your
phone number. They will in turn send you a text message
with the download. Another way of receiving a ring tone
download is by using a SMS gateway site. There you choose
your ring tone and find its code then copy it as a smart
message. You now should have the ring tone of your dreams.

Larry Brindler operates the website
Free Ringtone C
which is the complete Ringtone research center providing
easy access to absolutely everything you can possibly
imagine Ringtone related. Please visit for any questions or comments
about this article.

As a once and former telephone man my memory goes back to when phones had bells and the new fangled electronic warblers were viewed rather suspiciously. One of my most successful telephone development projects involved the inclusion of a new cost and space reduced bell in a modern telephone design. The thing is that people can hear bells - the sounds they produce penetrate and they are not easily confused with ambient noise. Just think of the way church bells travel across a rural landscape on an English Sunday morning.

But with mobiles the predominant issue these days is identification in multi-phone locations and for this reason we have emphasized distinctiveness in our collection while maximizing the use of percussion to ensure audibility. To use our tones you will need a phone that is able to down load MP3's from your PC using the cable and software that came with it - enjoy!

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